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9 Positive Benefits When Trying Something New

9 Positive Benefits When Trying Something New

What comes to mind when someone tells you to try something new? Are you eager to jump in and try it out, or are you afraid of possible adverse outcomes? See, most people get scared away by the thought of trying something they’ve never tried before. And that’s okay. The next time you get the nerves about experimenting with something new, come back to your “why,” and remind yourself of these positive outcomes.

1. You’ll Learn What You’re Really Capable of

How do you know if you don’t try? Once you start mixing it up and trying new things, you’ll unveil new things about yourself that you never knew before. You may have a hidden talent or a secret interest that can be made into something big.

2. Humility is an Added Bonus

So you try something, and you fall on your face – the bright side is that you earn a sense of humility.

3. Capitalize on the Accomplishments

Putting yourself out there makes it that much better when you hit the jackpot. Sure, it takes a lot of trial and error, but it’s worth it to be able to celebrate your big wins.

4. One Down, Many to Go

Once you conquer one new thing, it feels like you can take on the world. You may start with something small like learning how to paint, and the next thing you know, you’ll be trying to learn a new instrument and master a new language.

5. You’ll Stop Feeling Like You’re Alone

Because you’re not. Trying something new teaches you that it’s been done before many times. You’re not alone in this adventure – and you can reach out to others for support and help on your endeavor.

6. Excuses will Subside

An excuse is an easy way out. It’s a coping mechanism, and it’s a sign of weakness. In the past, you may have said something like, “No, I’ll do that next year,” in regards to something new. But as you begin to try more new things, you’ll feel less inclined to dole out the excuses.

7. You’ll Have More Control

It’s a dichotomy because, in some respects, you lose control. Trying something new puts you in a vulnerable place—you’re not always sure what will happen and you’re not 100% in control of the situation. But at the same time, losing control teaches you how to have control over the things you CAN control.

8. Learning Opportunities

Trying something new = learning something new. There’s a world of opportunities out there waiting to be discovered!

9. You’ll be a Role Model

People are vetted off their abilities to handle life and create exciting experiences for themselves. If you’re hoping to be a role model for someone, put yourself out there and show them how it’s done!

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