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We were founded to help you, the 45+ year old individual, navigate these interesting times by providing training,  educational & life help resources,  coaching and a community of like-minded seeking support, dialogue and networking opportunities.

We can also help business who need coaching for their employees to help enhance performance, adjust to changes in the business and creating high performance teams.


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The Problem

  • Conventional wisdom in business is that you have reached your peak by age 45.

  • Jobs and promotions are harder to come by after 45+.

  • Recent research found that hiring managers across the board reported that  candidates who are 45-years-old and above to be the worst cohort in terms of application readiness, fitness and previous experience.

  • Hiring manager's top concerns were a perceived reluctance among older workers to try new technologies (38%), an inability to learn new skills (27%), and difficulty in working with other generations (21%).

  • You are marginalized, ignored and maybe experiencing ageism/age discrimination.

  • You are in desperate need of training, support & coaching that your company is not providing.

  • You have lost your edge and your skill set is behind the times in areas such as sales techniques, closing skills, social media & selling, LinkedIn, technical skills, internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint plus many more.

  • You are in need of extra life help resources to help navigate this Next Reality™. You feel overwhelmed, alone, and lack confidence. You are concerned about your career and future. You are also having trouble staying motivated, worried about your health and stress. You don’t have enough hours in the day yet time seems to be flying by each day. Plus many more concerns that the 45+ has in today’s world.

  • You are in need of a reset in image and mindset to remain competitive in The Next Reality™.

  • You can’t find a community of like-minded professionals for support, networking opportunities and a dialogue.










Frustrated Businessman

The Solution

  • The 45 Plus Life Coach program offers individual, group and mastermind coaching packages to help you or your team reach their goals.

  • The 45 Plus Life Coach program will improve existing skills and teach new ones through our on-line learning academy. We provide 24/7 access to a library of 3,000+ of the most comprehensive courses that cover all the skills you must have to get ahead of the game and remain competitive.

  • We can give you access to hundreds of Learning Tracks designed for the 45+ group which will help you hone-in on specific areas you need improvement such as Advanced Selling Skills, Handling Objections, Business Writing, Business Math, Managerial Refresher/Tune-up, Diversity, Leadership, Microsoft Refresher and many, many more.

  • We can provide access to additional life help resources in areas such as Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks, Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Care, Career & Job, Goal Setting & Achievement, Motivation & Passion, Natural Health & Safety, Parenting & Family, Stress Management, Success, Time Management & Procrastination and Weight Loss & Fitness and many more topics.

  • We can provide access to communities of like-minded 45+ who can help support you, provide a dialogue and offer networking opportunities.

Senior Businessman

The Results

  • You will get up to date and stay ahead of all the latest technology, trends and practices in the modern business environment.

  • You will exhibit new confidence in your personal and professional life as you learn new skills and technology, hone and improve your existing skills and will be the go-to person in your organization.

  • You will be more confident in exploring new opportunities within your current company or even a new company. You may decide it is time to finally start your own business.

  • People will notice the change in your outlook and demeanor as you realize that you are still a valuable asset to any organization. In fact, you might find yourself in high demand as other people see your value – good luck in the interview!

  • In a recent study, almost three-quarters (73%) of career changers aged 45+ said that attending training helped them get a new job.

  • Once hired, managers found that older workers often outperform their younger peers. Nine in 10 (87%) hiring managers said their hires who are 45 years and above have been as good as — or better — than younger employees.

  • You will become part of a supportive community where your voice, experience, and life matters. We are all in this together and we can do anything. If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together – African proverb.



Business Meeting

Coaching for Coaches

How do you get your employees to be better than they were yesterday? What can you do, as their manager, as their coach, to help them perform better than yesterday? This track will cover coaching, which is a skill that we...


Family-Work Balance

Health & Wellness Essentials

Stay Healthy and Well with this educational track! Over 20 courses including: Optimizing Work-Life Balance, Understanding Stress and Burnout, The Benefits of Time Off, Digital Stress and Addiction, 



Business Communications Master Class 

Become a master communicator with this learning track! Topics include:  Active Listening, How to be a Great Conversationalist, Verbal Communication,  Straight Talk on Bad Language,  Social Cues...



The Sales Process


A sales process is a systematic series of steps that converts a prospective buyer into a customer. Many companies follow different methodologies, but the actual process is usually pretty similar across the board. 


Diverse Business Team

Diversity Training


Our diversity training is designed to facilitate positive inter-group interaction, reduce prejudice and discrimination, and generally teach individuals who are different from others how to work together effectively. 


Woman with Mask on Computer

Returning to Work After a Quarantine

Going back to work after COVID-19 lockdowns is going to bring on a flood of different emotions, and that’s okay. It’s perfectly normal to feel everything from joy to anger to guilt to gratitude. But how do you balance those emotions...



Advanced Selling Skills

In this learning track, we will cover the following: Selling to the C-Suite, Sales Forecasting for the Salesperson, Managing Enterprise/Large Accounts, Value Added Selling Customer,  Lifetime Value,  No Push Selling, Read more  >

Leading a Convention

Leadership Master Class

Leadership training is extremely important for every business. While the people you have leading your company may have the educational background and work experience you desire, they may not have the skills...


24/7 Unlimited Access

You will have complete access 24/7 to help hone and improve your skills!

Over 3,000 Video Courses

Over 3,000 video courses available on demand with new courses added every month!

Coaching & Mastermind Groups

The purpose of a  group coaching program is to help you succeed and reach your goals by discussing challenges with peers. Mastermind groups focus on your business or industry challenges in an environment with peer support and troubleshooting  which leads to real solutions.

Life Preserver

Life Help Resources

Downloadable resources to help you navigate through life. 

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